La Reserve Tarbouriech No.4 _ 12 pieces

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The Grand Cru of Mediterranean oysters

Our Grand Cru boasts a bright shell, firm-textured flesh, delicate flavor, and subtle iodine-sweet balance.

Mature and succulent, La Reserve Tarbouriech No.4 _ 12 pieces have been lovingly cultivated in the nourishing Mediterranean waters, softly enveloped in the Mistral and Tramontane winds for minimum 18 months.

This oyster is drained weekly, it helps our oysters maintain a smooth, delicious flavor, firm texture, and strong shells. Moreover, this extra step allows them to receive the full benefits of our region's unique waters and sunlight.

Traceable from the farming rope to the consumer, these oysters guarantee an exquisite, special meat content and unparalleled freshness. Indulge in a unique seafood experience!