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Lemonsole / Flounder / Limande / Plie

From the flat fish family and similar to dover sole & turbot. It is recognizable by its close eyes located on the same side. Lemonsole is less expensive and refined than dover sole, but remains a lean fish rish in protein. 

It is cooked like sole, like a milling pan, can be prepared in foil or terrine. Breaded, flounder is enjoyed with tartar sauce or a dash of lemon juice.

Cooked in a pan, the lemonsole fillets can be lightly floured to be better colored during cooking. Cooked in foil, flounder is flavored with herbs (tarragon, chives...) and spices (new onions, lemongrass).

The flounder should be cooked briefly in a pan (5 to 6 minutes). Prolonged cooking dries out its flesh and makes it rubbery.