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2020 Festive Cheese Selection

December 28, 2020

2020 Festive Cheese Selection

1. Le Truffé d'Adele
This Italian cheese is made in the heart of Lombardy and corresponds to the favorite of its creator: the charming Adele!
This white paste, with a rather clayy texture, is dotted with small fragments of truffle  that have been put directly into the curd to the making, for its "infusion" ... this was Adele's wish; she made it her own! 
By tasting it, you will find a multitude of flavors...  especially with flavoured white wines or sparkling wines (Champagne Blanc de Noirs header!): IT's DIVIN!

2. Tout en Crème de-la-Côte-d'Opale
It's a cow's milk cheese, creamy to wish! With a piece of toast or fresh bread, but always crisp and good quality. A treat at any time of the day and absolutely perfect for an aperitif with friends. A nice rosé will be a perfect support for this cheese and even for sure a taste of flavours!
3. Pyrénées Vache de l'Abbaye du Pesquié
In Ariège, come and discover the Abbey of Our Lady of The Pesquié, held by Benedictine nuns, is located about ten kilometers from Foix. It is an elegant and harmonious abbey where one would like to rest and take time for reflection. The nuns do the production themselves. Their cheese has a delicate fragrance and can also be cooked or added to the composition of creative salads.

4. Abondance fermier
This cheese of about 7 kg with pressed dough, a sized crust (a slimy brown film that forms the surface of hard cheeses) and brushed is made in Haute-Savoie in the Chablais. Its fruity and hazelnut flavour, remarkable when the ripening is pushed, is due to the vegetation, the cows graze on the southern slopes.  Not to be confused with the Vacherin d'Abondance made in the winter domestically.


5. Chabichou du Poitou
Born in Montbernage, this artisan cheese is a PDO.
According to legend, this is one of the oldest goat cheeses. Its name comes from the Arabic word for chebli, which refers to the goat. The corruption of language made him chabli, then chabi.
Soft, creamy, creamy, its crust can be tinged with grey-blue.
We pay particular attention to the refinement of this classic French cheese, as it is certainly the best way to discover the true taste... a real goat's cheese!

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