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The Finest Cigars & Whisky paired with Exceptional Meats

March 19, 2017

The Finest Cigars & Whisky paired with Exceptional Meats | Les Gastronomes


Les Gastronomes partnered up with Virtuozity magazine to create a unique experience to Dubai select Aficionado's. 

The event was organized around Cigars, Whiskey and Meat Tasting.

A meat tasting which was designed around the discovery of a meat that is just right for ME. In the same manner that each one of us prefers a specific Whiskey, Chocolate, Wine ... you can enjoy a specific type of meat. 

The selected meats were all sourced from Australia, but differed by their Breed, Region, Feeding programs etc... and eventually delivered a completely different tasting experience. 

Tasted products:

  • Grainge Black Angus - Marble 2 - 150 days grain fed
  • Black Onyx 100% Black Angus - Marble 3 - 270 days grain fed
  • Rangers Valley Cross-bred Wagyu - Marble 5 - 450 days grain fed
  • Margaret River Pure-bred Wagyu - Marble 8 - 450 days grain fed


More events will be planned during the year so keep you eyes out there for the next meat tasting experience. 

Les Gastronomes in Virtuozity

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