The promise of a unique taste - Les Gastronomes

The promise of a unique taste

Les Gastronomes


Grass Fed Angus:  Finely marbled with a lower fat content then the grain fed Angus, this meat is perfect for the health conscious. The cooked method for such a beef is more on the medium to low heat with a longer cooking time then grain fed beef. 

150 Days Grain Fed Angus: Nicely marbled (marble score 2) this meat is recommended for the daily use it has the JUST RIGHT balance between texture and taste.

270 days Black Onyx Angus: You love it ALL!!! - Consistently marbled (marble 3+), tender juicy and packed with flavour. Invite your guest you will be surprised with their reaction. This Angus scores better then most Wagyu beefs available on the market.

450 days Rangers Valley Cross Bred Wagyu: Wagyu lovers hold your breath... this marble 5+ wagyu is just stunning. If you usually order your wagyu in the restaurant then you will make sure you order this one on your next visit!

600 days Margaret River Purebred Wagyu: Are you ready to cut your meat with a fork? If yes then this is your chance to melt after each bite.


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