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What is Label Rouge?

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Label Rouge is a production method based on an approved specification that is respectful of animal welfare and protects the environment

Since 1960, Label Rouge poultry has been reared using traditional, free-range production methods based on an official Label Rouge specification approved by the French public authorities.

These special production methods ensure the poultry’s welfare and protect the environment whilst producing poultry meat with superior organoleptic properties that only Label Rouge can guarantee.

The 5 main principles on which LABEL ROUGE traditional poultry is based are: 

  1. Hardy breeds, selected for their slow growth, their excellent meat and the way they adapt to free-range breeding methods.
  2. Free-range or total freedom traditional poultry farming methods the birds are reared in little flocks and given plenty of space, grass and shade.
  3. 100% plant-based animal feeds, mainly cereals (70 to 75% minimum content depending on the breed), with extra protein supplements (peas, soybeans, etc.).
  4. The poultry is reared for a longer period (about twice as long as a standard fowl), which means that its meat is much firmer and tastier.
  5. Safer health and hygiene standards, systematic inspections at all stages of production.

For more information: https://www.volaillelabelrouge.com/en

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