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Halloween Sale


10% OFF with code YIKES10. 
20% OFF with code SPOOKY20, minimum order of AED 1,000
30% OFF with code SCARY30., minimum order of AED 2,000

It's the sale that goes FLASH in the night! Shop big and save big on all your favorite treats for grownups.
*Online only. Not valid on sale products. Excludes gift cards. Sale ends 27/10 at 11:59pm. Cannot be applied to past orders, cannot be combined with other discounts, discount code cannot be added after order is placed.




AED. 65.00
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SKU: P03933S
AED. 42.00

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SKU: P03931S
AED. 34.00

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SKU: P03929S
AED. 34.00

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SKU: P03926S
AED. 24.00
AED. 52.00
SKU: P05451S-2600/700g
AED. 43.50
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SKU: P05451S-3700/800g
AED. 50.25
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SKU: P05451S800/900g
AED. 57.50
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SKU: P05451S-1900/1000g
AED. 63.50
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SKU: P02787S±1.0 kg
AED. 67.00
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SKU: P02788S1.2 kg
AED. 81.00
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SKU: P02789S1.3 kg
AED. 87.00
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SKU: P02790S1.4 kg
AED. 94.00
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SKU: P02556SWith Sesame
AED. 32.00
SKU: P02557SWithout Sesame
AED. 32.00
SKU: P02554SWith Sesame
AED. 25.00
SKU: P02555SWithout Sesame
AED. 25.00
AED. 165.00
AED. 78.00
AED. 85.00
SKU: P01595S250g
AED. 59.00
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SKU: P01579S250g
AED. 68.00
SKU: P04179S125g
AED. 34.00
AED. 105.00
SKU: P06280S250g
AED. 53.00
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SKU: P06283S±250g
AED. 41.00
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SKU: P06283S-1±300g
AED. 49.00
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SKU: P06314S250g
AED. 49.00