We are very careful it terms of product quality: We always demand the Freshest Produce, the Finest Quality, while we deliver a Great Taste.

We ensure this trough proper cold chain monitoring. We have gone through a cold chain control training with one of the most renowned French Companies offering cold chain solution to the Medical Industry and we are now implementing these best practice in the UAE.

Lesgastronomes.aeensure that products are packed with necessary hygiene standards,  temperature controls is mandatory with no breaking of the cold chain.

How it's done, our process is followed every time:

  • Fresh products are delivered directly from the supplier to the airport under strict hygienic control.
  • It is air-freighted to its destination and immediately collected by my dedicated transport fleet that is equipped with chillers and then stored in a certified warehouse.
  • Our processing Butcher, Fishmongers & Cheese Mongers are integrated into our facilities which guarantees that products are moved within temperature controlled environments.
  • Products are then process and packed in the sealed packaging to guarantee no product contamination is possible.
  • Your order is prepared inside refrigerated rooms, packed into thermal insulated packaging with additional gel packs (it is possible to transport these boxes in ambient temperature).
  • Boxes are then placed into own refrigerated vehicles and delivered directly to your door.
  • Each vehicle has been specifically designed to ensure that it deals effortlessly with the outside ambient temperature.
  • For total control of the delivery process, our fleet is continuously monitored through a GPS system.

Our Freshness is guaranteed by our expert team, we work with specialists in every field. Dedicated Butchery, Fisherman, Cheesemonger & Chefs.