British Breakfast Tea - 100 sachets box

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English breakfast tea is a beloved beverage in the United Kingdom, enjoyed all day long, not just in the morning. 

The origins of this iconic tea are shrouded in mystery, with conflicting claims about its invention. Some attribute its creation to Robert Drysdale, a Scottish Tea Master, who recognized the need for a stronger tea to accompany the traditional protein-rich English breakfast. Others argue that Richard Davies, a British immigrant living in New York, was the true pioneer. Legend has it that Queen Victoria herself fell in love with this tea during her stay at Balmoral in the 1890s, and it quickly became a national obsession.

This blend combines the boldness of Brahmaputra River Assam with the delicate flavours of high mountain Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea.

For a classic British experience, enjoy it with a splash of milk to balance its robust taste.

Flavour Profile: Delightfully rich and smooth with classic, deep malty tones.

Brewing Instructions: 100C for 3 minutes