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This celebrated cheese has won gold and silver award at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

Made with milk from the Manchega breed, this cheese has been aged between twelve and eighteen months, when the texture becomes grittier and fruiter and the colour of the pate darkens. Traditionally made in esparto grass baskets, today the moulds are printed with a similar zig-zag design. During the maturation process the cheeses are rubbed in olive oil, imbuing the pate with a delicate spiciness. Ideal to savour on its own, or perhaps with a dab of membrillo, this is a Spanish classic. A glass of dry red wine or Port marry perfectly with the full-bodied texture and flavours. 

    Country Spain
    Menorca, Balearic Islands
    Age 1 - 2 months
    Milk Cow
    Fat 57%
    Classification Semi-Hard
    Strength Strong
    Texture crumbly and dense
    buttery, fruity, salty
    Aroma nutty, sweet