Sakura Green Tea 100g

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Ingredients: Japanese Green tea, Cherry Blossom Petals, Flavour

The Tender Beauty of the Cherry Blossom
Enjoy a cup of Japanese spring all year long with this blend of Japanese Sencha tea leaves, cherry blossom petals, and floral aroma. Its fruity scent and refreshing taste make an exquisite duet. Find your inner peace and take a relaxing journey to a blooming Sakura garden by indulging in a cup of this exquisite and refreshing tea.

The Flavoured Tea Collection
Our Flavoured Tea Collection is an unparalleled collection of Flavoured Japanese Green Teas. Crossing the mainstream borders, we blend expressive Japanese Green tea with a variety of flavours, each of which has its own personality. Indulge your senses, and enjoy the immersive aroma and noble mouth feel. We invite you to explore our assortment to meet ‘the one.’

○Brewing Guidelines (2 servings)
Tea leaves: 5g
Hot water: 400ml (feel free to adjust this amount to suit your tastes)
Temperature: 75-80 ℃
Steeping time: 2 min

*For the 2nd and 3rd servings, please use water with a higher temperature than the 1st serving and steep for approximately 45 seconds

*The higher the temperature of the water, the more you will be able to taste the natural catechins/tannins. Tannins are organic compounds in tea that result in stronger brews with a more bitter taste.