Sant Aniol Water Still Glass Bottle 330ml x 24 bottles

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Sant Aniol’s water presents a balanced mineral composition. The combination of its elements helps to purify our bodies.

It also helps to prevent urinary tract infections as well as to reduce uric acid and cholesterol.

Sant Aniol water, the only water of volcanic origin on the peninsula, is born from the interior of a land created by lava thousands of years ago. Emerging from inside the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, Sant Aniol water finds its uniqueness in its origin, materialized not only in its composition and unique properties, but also in its character: the Volcanic Spirit. Sant Aniol is Volcanic Spirit. It is water, sometimes calm and sometimes agitated. It is intensity and it is overcoming. It is the strength of a volcano, with the calm of a sleeping volcano.

Sparkling mineral water.
Sourced from ground water area in pain.
Offers unique elegant design
Packaged in glass bottles.
Quantity: 24 Bottles of 0.33 Litre.