The Tuna Garum, Umami Elixir - 100ml

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Garum is a savoury sauce made from fermented tuna and tuna eggs. This fermentation and its grainy texture offer a long finish and a persistent aroma typical of umami flavour.

A historically forgotten condiment, Maison Dehesa has managed to bring it up to date. With its pronounced marine flavour, it is rich in flavour and can be used to spice up fish dishes, but also meat dishes in land-sea combinations. Simply dilute small quantities in a sauce, with water, depending on the intensity you wish to give to your dish.

Tips to enjoy at Home:
This garum can replace kastuobushi or our Japanese bottarga to enhance the saltiness of a dish or underline its beautiful marine bitterness . Nevertheless, once diluted, this garum goes well with all your fish, meat or vegetable preparations.